the same old bloodrush

with a new touch.

22 October
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I've wasted more time dreaming than living

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Being 17.Music♥.Reppin' Valley West.Partying.Making out.Cuddling.Being me.Pearls.My cat;Ms. Abigail aka Abby.My friends who are waaaayy cooler than yours.Internet buds.Expensive makeup.Electric guitars.Extreme distortion.Walking around Larksville.Cute dresses.Looking hawt.Silly boys.October 22nd.Good conversation.Trashy teen novels.Coffee.Alice In Wonderland.Story of a Girl by Nine Days.Revenge.Stars.Scarves.Bam Margera.Bikini's.Snow.Laying in the sun.Nighttime.Laughing until your stomach hurts.Life in general.

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